We upgraded to Agda and version 1.1 of the standard library. If you want to continue working with the book, you’ll have to update your versions locally. Please follow the instructions in Getting Started to reinstall Agda and the standard library.

For this upgrade, we made several major changes to the PLFA infrastructure.

We deprecated agda2html. In version 2.6, Agda has added support for the --html-highlight flag. Using this command, Agda will highlight only the code in a file, and leave the rest untouched:

agda --html --html-highlight=code FILE.lagda.md

Of course, agda2html offered support for more than just inline highlighting of code in Markdown files. We have written a bash script, highlight.sh (deprecated) which supports much of the same functionality. In particular, it uses sed to redirect links to the standard library to the online version. For the time being, we dropped support for module references, e.g., linking to the chapter on Naturals by writing [Naturals][plfa.Naturals], and removed all module references from the text.

Lastly, to use Agda 2.6 with Markdown, we updated all literal Agda files. We replaced LaTeX code fences, i.e., \begin{code} and \end{code}, with Markdown backtick fences ```, and changed the file extensions .lagda to .lagda.md. As a consequence, when you open up a literate Agda file in Emacs, it will open the file in Markdown mode – if you have it installed – or in fundamental mode. To switch to Agda mode, you will have to invoke M-x agda2-mode.